k0396639 Trying to assemble a budget for your SharePoint (or collaboration offering?). This video and the associated reading materials will offer some ideas to help you get started in building a realistic budget.

From observations organizations have had difficulty:

  • Understanding and documenting the true costs of a service
  • Communicating the costs of the service to the business and linkages to business functions and service levels
  • Helping the business understand the risks associated with services changes both expansion and reduction (Service levels)

Both the business and IT generally don’t communicate well. For example, have you ever explained XML to one of your family or friends that’s not in the business? Have you ever spoken to an accountant about income statements, balance sheets and forecasting versus actual?

Its BOTH parties responsibility to understand each other and work together to build a sustainable model. IT is an important part of business, without it, businesses risk interruptions in cash flow, damaged relationships and increased costs of doing business.