moreq2 Preparing for my new SharePoint course I was considering the subject of SharePoint and EDRM. Specifically, could you deploy and operate a SharePoint/EDRM environment and meet your compliance requirements?

Well my favorite consultant (Google) turned up some interesting results both from the UK and Australia whom are far ahead of North America in this space for sure!

For those in the UK, the blog by James Lappin is a good read and for those in Australia, there is a document published by the State Office that is also a great read.

It would seem the most chosen pattern is to use SharePoint as a front end and a tried and true EDRM on the backend. Most EDRM applications (Documentum, Meridio, OpenText, Trim, FileNet) have SharePoint integration that exposes the FilePlan and their standard UI features within SharePoint. Due to the high cohesion SharePoint has with Office, it provides a very friendly user interface. Even AIIM has a section of their site dedicated to SharePoint – a hot topic!

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