london The past two months have flown by since I was informed I’d be one of the instructors assembling the bootcamp and travelling to deliver it. The first bootcamp will be delivered in London and the second in Sydney. It’s been 3 years since I last travelled to the UK and that trip was also related to SharePoint – we delivered our SharePoint 2007 bootcamp. Its been 4 years since my travels to Sydney (Have been there twice, my favorite city).

For this trip I’m taking the same flight on Air Canada Saturday so that I arrive in the UK at a decent time to have dinner and a pint or two. The plan for Saturday is to head up to London and then have a team meeting that night to prepare for the week. While there I plan to meet up with some colleagues for a pint or two and catch up on events and goings on.

Aside from the work related activities the plan is to visit London, Windsor, Eton and Probably Wokingham (Ship Inn – great little pub). Sure hope the weather cooperates, I know there was concern that if the volcano erupted again we could be held up there for a while (Perhaps a train to Span or France?). Though it sounds interesting I prefer to get home at the end this and prepare for my trip to Sydney. I’m sure both these trip will result in some great pictures and stories for my blog. Stay posted.