photo6 Arriving Saturday night, the flight was smooth and there were no delays. I finally had a chance to watch Avatar and Sherlock Holmes, both were great movies but the effects in Avatar were something else. Downey has found his niche in movies, playing damaged/flawed persons – which he does better than anyone else. Arriving at the Coppid Beech in Bracknell I settled in and hit the lounge for a few pints and checked my Facebook and other email. Called home to report on my safe flight and arrival at the hotel and apologize to my eldest daughter for not saying bye – had a good excuse, was 4 am in the morning.

Today, I had a wakeup call set for 7am GMT (2am EST) which kicked off the day, needless to day I didn’t get up, I simply layed there until 5am my time (EST) and then got up, checked the weather, had a shower and went downstairs for my breakfast (lunch). Over lunch I reviewed by lectures and labs, made some edits and reviewed again. For the Information Architecture and Governance sections I decided to keep it simple and reference Microsoft’s site:

For further study I’m recommending some reading by Louis Rosenfeld and Jesse James Garret in hope they pursue this area. I’ve reviewed too many SharePoint designs and deployments that were lacking in this space – and some were designed and deployed by SharePoint MVPs.

Tomorrow I’m off to the office to ready the classroom and have a large coffee – not in that particular order.