shovelmanu Contemplating the migration of content from all your content repositories (Exchange, File Shares, Documentim, old versions of SharePoint etc…)?

A recent article by CMS Report “10 Migration Tools for the SharePoint Platform” provides some insight regarding the tools available. But like any tool, Garbage-in-Garbage-Out is a problem. Specifically, its easy to move a pile from here to there but to actually make the newly moved pile usable and or of value…that’s the real challenge. My article “Moving your public folders to SharePoint” provides some insight and guidance in that area.

On a final note, don’t be surprised if your project has artificial constraints applied to it such as “you only have 2 weeks” or “no, you cannot speak to the business units to determine the best course of action for the data” or “no you cannot involve the records management office, they will on make things more complicated”. I’m sure there are others…