Well…its that time of the year again, I usually write these from a hotel but for the first time I will be at home.

The year began after a great Christmas with the family and a quiet new year, the last time we did something for new years was 2000? Upon returning to work I began planning the SharePoint bootcamp in Reston VA in March. The week was focused on course prerequisites, agenda, locations and assigning work to build the bootcamp. We had to fight internal politics to obtain servers, software etc…that was fun. When deciding on who would fly where, I of course volunteered for the UK and Australia. Two of my favourite spots, actually Australia is my favorite place though the flight time is brutal. After three months of hard work we had a solid one week boot camp that would cover theory and then allow the students to roll up their sleeves and install Trim, SharePoint and work with the integration.

Late April I flew to London and met up with my colleagues there and delivered the bootcamp, of course each day ended at a pub (Ship Inn, The Bridge and Ye Olde Leatheren Bottle, The King and Castle).

On Friday everyone had already departed for home so I hung out at the Keller for a while to enjoy the sights and watched a few bands. I flew home Saturday, did some work around the house and then flew to Australia – arriving Thursday Ausie time after 28 hours of planes and airports. I was tired, the 8 hour stop over in Sydney waiting for my flight to Canberra sucked…HP travel policy, all to save a hundred bucks.

Once I landed, I went to the room and crashed for a few hours, had shower and then went to the HP office. Later in the day I met up with  my colleagues there and delivered the bootcamp, of course each day ended at a pub or restaurant (The Civic, King O’Malleys, Chairman & Yip, Tosolinis and The Banana Leaf).

I resigned from HP this year.  I worked with some great people and traveled the world – I don’t regret my time there. It was a tough decision but needed change.

Once home on the 19th, I suffered for a week adjusting to EST, I had to force myself to get up and stay awake so that I could sleep at night – my day was upside down.

I joined KPMG as a SharePoint Product Manager May 31st, a new role whose mission is to bring the value of the product to the company, provide a stable and rich environment – something they have not been able to accomplish to date.

The band played three gigs this year, some outdoor events and a part, we are working on finding a keyboardist to round out the sound. We also started a RUSH tribute band, we have our first gig lined up for July 2011, will take time for us to build up enough material – we have 12 songs so far.

Had the car out with my father, that was fun, it hadn’t been out at all this year – hard to believe its 40 years old. Big and loud, its fun to drive but requires nerves of steel since one wrong move would cost thousands to repair.

As we get ready for Christmas this year it will be without my father, he passed away on December 18th 2010 from a long battle with heart trouble. Thankfully we have many pictures from last years Christmas and some video as well. Its sad that it happened early in the morning, my mother was at home getting some rest since she had been there all day and I planned on being there in the morning to visit. Still fighting the flu (that would’nt go away) I thought I’d make him sick if I went to soon – life is a series of curve balls.

I’m looking forward to the new year, biking with my daughter, hope to ride the bikes more and play more gigs in 2011.

All the best.