The Microsoft Office 365 Overview provides an excellent perspective of the overall value Office 365 provides to organizations in terms of productivity, access, familiarity, security, control and reliability.

Office 365 could help you clean up your existing environment, it would force SDLC and other practices. Also, this could help you reduce support costs from an IT perspective. Finally, it could provide you with some leverage when dealing with (those nasty) stakeholders. Simply put, you could migrate your troublesome environment to 365, it would force a clean up.

Looking back, one of the biggest limitations of BPOS was the inability to deploy custom code into SharePoint. In Office 365, custom code can be deployed using the SharePoint Sandbox. This new model will allow for things such as custom web parts and deployable site templates, although it will still be limited compared to a traditional on-premise SharePoint deployment. Some Office 365 limitations include security, email support, and the ability to call external web services or run PowerShell scripts.

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