Day one at the Conference began with the Microsoft VJ spinning some tunes for us – 7500 people converged on the main hall. Yes, 7500 people spread across 5-6 hotels with most at the Hilton and the Marriott. Every where you look you see Conference name tags!

The keynote was interesting but it wasn’t Gates or Ballmer (Developers, developers, developers…) presenting – you know what I mean :) The video of the keynote can be found on the SharePoint Conference site.

  • The Keynote – the key point from this discussion is expect more focus on the UI to help business users. Also the next conference is in in Vegas November 2012 – next version will be released, the code is ready now. More detail available here.
  • SharePoint 2010 development – some great examples of code, look to the conference site and eventual DVD to be published.
  • FAST Search – Great product, scales well, lots of features but does require a lot of servers to scale.
  • Mobile Devices IPADs, Android and Smart Phones – mobility is the future, look in the stores, mobile phones, laptop and tablets are on the rise. The tools for development are getting better.
  • Migrating from 2007 to 2010 – Great presentation talking about approach and what to look out for. As always its about customizations and cleanup before you migrate, have a plan and test. Use test farms to convert the databases while the production databases are locked etc…see the Microsoft whitepaper and look to venders such as AvePoint, Axcellar and Quest.

I attended the morning sessions (see my Sunday post) and then met up with Emer, Velli and Paul. Also ran into some other colleagues from my previous employer (Beven and Terry) to catchup on on things – hadnt spoken to them in 2 years.

Waiting on the next version of SharePoint? Wait no longer, November 2012 at the next conference in Las Vegas

Clearly the highlight of Monday way the AvePoint party, when people talk about this conference, the AvePoint party will probably be one of the topics. Held at the Heat Lounge in Anaheim, it was a wild event of drinking and dancing to sometime Tuesday morning – I forget when I left. Attended with Emer, Paul and Velli – had a great time.

Tuesday I will attend the following sessions:

  • Sizing Fast for high availability – notes from the field
  • Deploying SharePoint in the cloud
  • Automating site provisioning
  • How to effectively update SharePoint

Once the sessions are over its off to Catal Lounge for dinner at the HP event and then off the the Disney event for some rides and  drinks.