Crawling in after the AvePoint Red Party Monday night (I think I made it back to he hotel at 2:00am?). This was a non-stop dance party and free drinks to the early hours of the morning.

For day 2 I attended:

  • Sizing high availability FAST solution – Notes from the field – this was a real world sizing exercise that covered how to size and common mistakes/problems. This product is not only feature rich but it scales way up.
  • Deploying SharePoint in the cloud, private, public and hybrid scenarios – Office 365 overview for thoise that want to move to an ASP (Cloud) model. I also suggest to clients to keep the core Portal services internal so you can integrate and use external providers for basic collaboration (team sites) for projects and client collaboration.
  • Enforce governance by automating site provisioning – great demo with best practics and code samples, great presenter. Core to provisiooning is making sure your information architecture is aligned with your provisioning model.
  • Automating business processes with Infopath and Workflows – this was a standard forms and workflow demo.

Once the presentations were over we all headed over to Catal for dinner and then to the party at Disney where rides, drinks and food were free. The rides were great, no line ups!

We rode:

  • Space Mountain – great ride!
  • Thunder Run – best of the night, we rode this twice.
  • Splash Works – we rode this 3 times and were soaked!
  • Star Wars – great flight simulator!

For Day 3 I plan to attend the following:

  • Managing corporate meta data and taxonomies
  • Branding and customizing sites and my sites
  • Backup and recovery
  • Remote BLOB storage

I like this place, want to come back!