My article was published in the latest SharePoint Pro edition just in time for the SharePoint Conference 2011. SharePoint’s business-value proposition creates support pain for IT. Much of this pain is felt in backup and recovery, which must occur on three levels: item, site, and farm.

I’d like to offer a holistic view of SharePoint backup and restore and focus on creating and managing a sustainable, comprehensive SharePoint backup and restore solution. To create a plan that supports all three levels above, you must

  • understand stakeholder requirements
  • define service level agreements (SLAs)
  • plan for a complete set of backup and restore components
  • consider the technical architecture
  • evaluate backup and restore toolsets
  • create policy and process documentation
  • provide operations and awareness training
  • develop a test plan
  • complete a proof of concept or pilot
  • sign off with farm and application owners
  • create a backup schedule
  • develop a governance plan
  • consider the backup and restore processes