Well another year is coming to an end with the holidays fast approaching.

Not living in hotels and airports anymore (Some days I really miss it) I find I have less time to write blogs these days.

This year kicked off with my SharePoint 2010 project (that just recently concluded). What an experience! I must say the product has improved since the prior version with better UI, scalability and some improvements to help administrators keep it under control. The product still requires a lot of help from third parties though :) Administration and monitoring really needs help.

Out on the bike a few times but didn’t make it to Huntsville unfortunately. Next year I hope to do the Hwy 35/60 trip mid-summer. Its a very scenic ride with exposed rock, lakes and trees for scenery – nice break from the city.

The band played several times this year but unfortunately split due to creative and attitude differences. It just takes one to kill the fun for the others. It was a great experience playing live on a stage since I’d not done that before – fun yet stressful until you get accustom to it. With this experience under my belt I know what sort of music I enjoy playing and the attitude I’m looking for in the next band. I also learned that if you play in a bar that house a bad sound system you cant hear the other instruments which screws up everyone’s timing. Seriously at this stage, I’m not looking for a recording contract :)

The SharePoint conference was the highlight of this year. Held in Anaheim first week of October it was a fun experience to learn, go to Disney and meet up with past colleagues from HP. Also to meet up with other people I’ve worked with and venders as well at the evening parties. The AvePoint Red party Monday night was the party of all parties.

My goals for 2012 are to join two new bands, take that ride to Huntsville and travel a bit. I hope to attend the SharePoint conference in Las Vegas November 2012.