Back at the SharePoint 2011 conference in Anaheim, I spoke with a few subject matter experts, sharing ideas regarding what Governance meant to them. I asked questions such as What is governance? Why is it needed? Why is it so difficult to get right? I bounced ideas off them and shared the concept of this article and after some discussion confirmed what I believe governance is for SharePoint, why large companies desperately need it and why companies have such a difficult time implementing it. In this blog I will provide a very practical approach to developing and implementing a governance plan for your company.

Are you in trouble?

How do you know your governance solution (or lack of) is in trouble? Here are some key points that will help you:

  • Poor user experience
  • Excessive operational costs / incidents and outage
  • Conflict / silos of operation / no team work
  • Inability / resistance to leveraging the platform
  • Compliance and eDiscovery issues
  • Inconsistent messaging and understanding of solution
  • Slow to plan and execute / disagreements regarding priority
  • People avoid getting involved

Look for my Article to be published on SharePoint Pro in June 2012.