Over the next few months I will be recording two SharePoint Governance Seminars for SharePoint Pro Magazine. Having delivered these sessions in the past they are fun to create and deliver. Utilizing approaches summarized in past blogs and articles, I will help you step by step and provide examples of expected outcomes and possible roadblocks.

The two main topics will be as follows:

  • Real-world governance scenarios – I will focus on real scenarios common to SharePoint such as UI consistency, content authoring, infrastructure issues, and customization issues to name a few. Here we’ll talk about typical scenarios administrators will encounter and ways to deal with them. Upon completion of the seminar you will have tools for helping you deal with common governance related problems.
  • How to build your governance framework – for this session I will provide practical guidance for developing a governance program for both small and large companies. Each requires the same approach but the level of rigor is much different given organizational complexity, number of farms and stakeholders. Upon completion of the seminar you will have a step by step approach for developing you governance program along with some best practices.

The recordings will be delivered in March 2013.