This year was a year for change, lots to write about but most of it wont end up here. New Jersey (Bergen County) became my home away from home, immersed myself in my job though it sucked, awful company to work for but learned a lot related to my field, about people and myself. I had worked in NJ before back in 2008 down in Bridgewater but never had the time to really explore the area. 2012 was the year I had a chance to explore Bergen County and visit Cape May. Must say the north is nice in contrast to Newark, kind of like Northern Ontario but more densely populated.

Spent many weekends at the Fire and Oak Bar that year, working on blogs and trying to relax – sometimes I require a lot of noise and chaos to be able to write as it stimulates my creativity. Spoke to many people at the Fire and Oak, I was a regular there and got to know the Marriott staff as well. The stories you hear were enlightening, funny and sad. Until then I had never realized how many woman were abused, cheated on, crazy etc.. Also met some interesting people from the tech profession as well and in time I began avoiding the place all together.

The SharePoint conference was in Las Vegas this year, had a great time there learning and catching up friends and industry contacts. Its one of the towns that’s always got something going on no matter the time of the day. Staying at the Mandalay Bay this time around we had a full day of sessions.

Stayed an extra day to relax and do some sightseeing before heading back to new Jersey Saturday morning. Walked the strip down to the Wynn and back but after a week there it all kind of blurs.

Also spent time in Cape May, was pleasantly surprised by the town and the beaches. A three hour drive from Bergen County but worth it, beaches and restaurants are really nice. Back in 2008 one of my clients suggesting visiting the there but I never had time due to travel schedules.

Back to Bergen County, if your ever in the Allendale area and like to walk or cycle, Check out the Celery Farm just off the Franklin Turnpike, great place especially in the summer. For a bite there are some great restaurants in the town as well.