TAP09_apps_feat_DSC5650-580-75A summary of my article for SharePoint Reviews.

Corporations have mobilized their workforce to better serve clients and optimize their use of office space. This move have meant that employees require new ways of working and tools such as mobile phones to access corporate applications such as CRM, travel, knowledge management and billing systems.

As a result the corporate office space is optimized for touchdown type work activities such as quick meetings, planning the day and doing paperwork such as expenses. While on the road, airports, hotels and the local Starbucks have become work locations.

To enable the mobile workforce a new office design is required that supports shared space, on the fly collaborative meetings and access to basic office services such as phone, network and printing. The mobile professional must also have access to key applications, information and contacts while mobile. Applications must be available to mobile devices such as laptops and more so smart phones. Most importantly, the culture must be prepared to deal with and support this relatively new way of working.

In this article I will cover the aforementioned topics in more details, highlight key decisions, provide options and a roadmap for mobilizing your workforce. Topics covered include:

  • Cultural impacts
  • Office design changes
  • Employee performanmce management
  • Technology infrastructure, applications and devices
  • Security and compliance
  • Governance
  • Further reading

Link to article http://www.sharepointreviews.com/sharepoint-reviews-articles/sharepoint-social/1805-7-mobile-sharepoint-considerations