hh1As part of my volunteer work I helped build some homes the week of June 17th in downtown Toronto. Four homes were being assembled for some families in the Danforth and St Clair area.

The day started with being assigned to a team lead that would assign work to us and help us with any questions. having done a lot of house related work and mechanical – I was in my element. Carolyn (Our team lead) had us first tear down part of a wall, redo the frame, vapor barrier and prep for a new window. We did this on both sides of the house – I guess the prior team had made the window area a few inches to high. After that work was completed, I was the Saw guy for a while, got to play with power Saw cutting 2″x4″s for wall supports. As the day progressed I was assigned othere tasks as well and the day flew by. Had a lot of fun – before I knew it I had to head back home for band practice.

For those that haven’t volunteered for Habitat for Humanity I recommend you sign up and help. Its a fund experience that helps families and gets you outdoors for the day.

here are my pictures from the day located on my SkyDrive Habitat for Humanity 2013.