carMy latest article is for a car magazine – a change of pace from the usual SharePoint articles.

Wild About Cars approached me about writing a cover article about the 1970 Superbird. An easy topic for me knowing the car very well – an exerpt from the article can be found below.

“The story begins in August 1969 when the 440 four speed Superbird left Hamtrack MI destined for a Plymouth Dodge dealership in east Toronto called Sorensons. Driving a 67 Chevelle 327 two speed down Sheppard avenue my fathers first stop was a Chevrolet dealership called Hodgsons where an orange 1970 GTO Judge sat in the front lot. After a test drive we drove further down Sheppard where a orange car with a wing and nose caught my eye.  I said look at that, lets have a look. My father said that’s just something the dealer made up to attract clients. I insisted so we drove in and spoke to the dealer about the car and then we took it out for a test drive – he was hooked. Turns out the dealer drove the car at parades and other events and was sad to see it go.”

Published article.