boucomputerMy latest review is a full feature CRM tool called “CRM Template” by Lookout Software. “CRM Template” is designed to run on Microsoft SharePoint Server or Foundation as a highly customized and integrated site and series of webparts. For this review, I will be using SharePoint Server 2013 and Office 2013.

Here is a plurb from their site:

SharePoint CRM Template enables any size business to implement a full-featured CRM solution for SharePoint easily and affordably.

The base SharePoint CRM application can be used alone or it can be extended even further with additional SharePoint web parts.  By using your current Microsoft SharePoint platform, you will further leverage an existing investment by boosting it with key CRM features and functions.  Our built-in configurator allows easy adjustments to tailor SharePoint CRM to fit to your business exactly, matching your corporate branding and procedures.

The review will be published in November under SharePoint Reviews –