SharePoint2013logoUsing SharePoint 2013 for document management and digital signatures simplifies the capture, organization, and distribution of artifacts, whether they be records or and documents. SharePoint lends itself well to providing such functionality, as it has Sites and Libraries specifically designed to help manage documents. Additionally the Office integration, workflows, search and meta data services provide considerable usability benefits. But how do you make it work best for your organization?

In this webinar, we’ll cover what you need to know to make SharePoint succeed for your document management and workflow needs, from meeting legal compliance to getting executive sponsorship, doing program management to ensuring user adoption, and more. ARX the creators of Cosign for SharePoint will join me in presenting this webinar and will be available for questions.

We’ll discuss how you can use digital signatures with SharePoint to dramatically cut costs, speed your business processes and eliminate paper.

We’ll cover best practices that will help you navigate the organizational complexities, industry and government regulations, and technical complexities and constraints you might encounter as you work to make SharePoint a better product for your users and your organization.

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