1907993_10152896799559813_9219329865517451634_nFollowing my passion, in two new bands now, one a dance rock and the other a modern country dance – both great bands. My prior band was a two year plan at most.

Living in the Rouge River area now by the lake (east of Toronto) has opened up a new world for me, meeting several people with like minded people. Though the music business is riddled with sketchy people they are generally easy to spot and avoid. Most are decent people that share a passion for music and performing.

Met up with a group of guys that run a great jam in Pickering area at the Westshore Bar and Grill helped me a lot, so did the guys from Catalyst and Tommy Rocker. These venues enabled me to refine my playing, learn material the band I was with at the time didn’t have the skill to play, reduce my anxiety when playing in front of crowds and learn how to seamlessly recover from mistakes.

Here are some iPhone recordings from various gigs:

Also decided that I wanted to learn another instrument and am learning keys. My plan is to integrate them into my current bands and then pursue a 80s tribute band. Still dabbling with a Steep Panther like tribute band but there are several 80s hair metal bands out there but the marketability of the bands isn’t as strong as 80s dance. Just shy of two months of lessons I’m working on keyboard arrangements for the dance band.

I rode my bike a lot this year, much prefer cruising on the Nighster than my old Ninja ZX6R, more relaxed and fun to ride for sure. Added a Harley passenger seat and pegs and did some cruising to local beaches and patios to enjoy the weather. Love riding, have been since I was 9, my grandfather introduced me to it.

This year Jenna finally got an iPhone, I was due for an upgrade and decided to get a 6 and gave my 5 to her. This enables us to Facetime more often since her old iPad wasn’t the best at doing this. This holiday season will be my first away from the kids but will figure out how to get together I’m sure, at least this way I will be around longer and healthier so I can support them.

Not many trips to New Jersey this year, too much going on here and changed my mind about NJ and my current Job. Did make it once and noticed my usual hotel in Montvale was renovated and the manager (Eric) had moved to a new position in White Plains. Great staff at that location and always get my room (373).  Planning a trip there in the spring for work and pleasure, some Curry in Ridgewood, Walk in Allendale and Shopping at the Plaza. Lots of memories there, some I just don’t want to revisit.

In the New Year I will be playing almost weekly with the bands and by March integrating keys into the dance band. Also, time to get back to a job I love doing, IT departments are not for me. Glued to a desk in a organization with no money, recklessly managing their IT and people assets isn’t for me – I’ve worked to hard to get to where I am. Finally, taking the trip to a Florida beach using the points I’ve accumulated over 15 years. I have been wanting to do for 3 years but just never had the time – Sun, Beach and a drink :)