iStock-Unfinished-Business-6According to AIIM, nearly two-thirds of SharePoint installations are somewhat stalled in their adoption and progress. 46% are not connected to other systems or repositories. What is holding things back, how they might be re-energized, and what strategy choices are likely with regard to governance, social, cloud, mobile and, of course, existing Enterprise Content Management systems.

Many are still using Attachments and File Shares to collaborate instead of using SharePoint. Why? Changing a persons collaboration habits requires the user to perceive (Step 1) the benefit of using the tools and then actually change their habits (Step 2) – its a two step process. With Email they can simply attach the file and send, 2-3 steps and they are done. Same with File Shares. In contrast, with SharePoint they must decide on a Site to use, find the site and the library, upload it, tag it with meta data and save. Therefore, anything you can do to reduce the steps and simplify using SharePoint will help change users habits and drive adoption.

In this survey report, the author takes an in-depth look at deployment progress, distractions and issues, consolidation, integration, enhancement with add-on products, and future strategies for all-round information governance. Additionally, the author will look at the threat from cloud collaboration systems, mobile clients and hybrid models. – See more at AIIM.