data-breachesUsing the cloud? No? Well maybe you are and not aware of it. Much like Wifi 10-15 years ago the Cloud is pervasive and business users can easily sign up and start using the services. As many corporations try to adopt O365 or extend the on premise SharePoint service business are breaking policy and placing corporations data at risk.

To the horrifying dismay of your Security team, people are signing up to many cloud data sharing services and knowing ignoring company policy.

“Four in 10 Employees Ignore Their Company’s IT Policy”

According to a study conducted in 2013:

  • 41% of US mobile business users have used unsanctioned services such as Dropbox or Google Docs to share or sync les, despite 87% saying they are aware that their company has a document sharing policy that prohibits this practice. When extrapolated to the general population, this translates into 14,937,553 rogue business users in the US alone.1 This is akin to every man, woman and child living in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area ignoring corporate policies to get their work done.
  • More than one third (38%) of respondents said that a document shared using an unsanctioned service reached an unintended recipient, and one in four (27%) reported a data breach and negative consequences as a result. So odds are uncomfortably high that if employees are using unsanctioned services, they’ll make a big – and potentially costly – mistake.

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