elasticqh2Shadow Data—Defined: All potentially risky data exposures lurking in sanctioned cloud apps, due to lack of knowledge of the type of data being uploaded and how it is being shared.

Elastic’s Shadow Data Report is an interesting read, the report highlights data loss and fines due employees unsanctioned use of Cloud offerings such as Dropbox, Box and OneDrive to name a few. Not providing an enterprise solution will lead to employees taking matters into their own hands. Note there are solutions that enable you to leverage SharePoint for secure and manageable document Sharing.

The Shadow Data Report highlights key trends and insights into the usage, content, and security of cloud applications. Elastica examined millions of data records that were anonymized and aggregated across the Elastica CloudSOC™ platform to develop the trends and insights explained in this report. The intent of this information is to provide a broad and rich data set from which professionals can baseline their own performance and stay abreast of key trends for data leakage and breaches in the use of SaaS applications.

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