On the way into work this week I was thinking about what to write this year and for ideas I read my past “Looking back…” posts all the way back to 2008. The posts reminded of how much has happened the past eight years….some life lessons.

With any decision and related actions there are pros and cons and I guess in a way you roll the dice and take a chance with anything you do. If you don’t you’ll end up in a state of limbo afraid to do anything – not a good place to be. My style has always been one of taking risks, forging ahead and learning from the outcomes. Can I go back a few years and start over but keep what I’ve learned?


Jenna made the honors list for Social Studies, time has flown the past few years and understand what they mean by “They grow up fast…”.

Dealing with Cancer not a fun experience for sure, cant imagine what its like to deal with having that sort of disease – I could only be supportive.

Played a lot of gigs the past two years and many this year, learned much about myself, playing, performing, my gear and what I want to do next. I quit the band I was in and am reforming a new band with some energetic types focused on music targeted at venues we want to play. First off I’m working on my vocals aggressively for acoustic performances and possible lead vocals :)


Out on the Harley Nightser and Specialized Rockhopper a lot :)


The Bird was out a few times :)


Vacationed in Kelowna BC this past September and explored the surrounding areas such as Kamloops and Revelstoke. Really enjoy the west coast, as one of my colleagues once said you’re a west coast guy – I enjoy the outdoors and am not a stodgy business type.



Keeping in touch with colleagues from past employers its concerning to hear about the changes and struggles within companies these days. Downsizing and outsourcing creates a toxic work environment. Hadn’t worked with people that had taken medical and stress leave before or had colleagues breakdown and cry in front of me – had never witnessed anything like it. Another employer that purchased several software and services companies has now sold them off. Friends in Europe have survived and people in North America are mostly gone. Recently, a software company I worked for closed their Toronto office, fired everyone – a customer called me asking what happened and where he could get support. He told me he heard the company exited Canada – really odd. The office kind of self destructed, lying, character assassination, no trust, power struggles, back stabbing, threat of job loss…very toxic – many lessons learned. I don’t trust companies anymore, fend for yourself.

For the remainder of the year I’m working on music and relaxing while the winter settles in over Toronto. It’s this time of year I miss my job at HP and travelling to California, Florida and Sydney – much better weather there for sure.