1207671864ZIz0d4Chatting about this topic with some colleagues last week there were some interesting comments such as “You should know what to do…” or “We haven’t hired a new person in 12 years and don’t know what to do”.

Onboarding is a process of welcoming, educating, connecting, and acculturating new employees. It helps assimilate them into work and team processes and into an organizational culture. It provides new employees with the necessary tools and resources to carry out their jobs and clear channels for ongoing knowledge acquisition and collaboration. It instills in them a sense of connection to individual, group, and organization goals and a drive to contribute.

Keeping in mind the onboarding experience sets the employees perception of the organization they joined. Therefore it’s in the employer’s best interest to make sure the experience is positive.

The best examples I’ve seen of onboarding are as follows:

  • Manager introduces employee to the team and persons they will work with directly.
  • The usual tour of the office and its amenities.
  • Explains how their performance will be measured – the specifics prioritized.
  • Establish the communication rules between the employee and new hire – for example, use email? meetings? face to face? Explain how you prefer to communicate.
  • Highlights what’s in scope of the job and what isn’t giving real examples.
  • Outlines required reporting, tools he/she will use and training required to achieve performance levels.
  • Provide laptop, IDs and access tokens as required.
  • Connect employee with HR for payroll and benefits information and enrollment.
  • Help employee understand company culture and politics – makes employ mindful of landmines.
  • Assigns a great mentor (Has people and technical skills and knowledge of environment and how to get things done) to help the new employee be successful.
  • Establishes regular updates to provide feedback and coaching – use specific examples with background, not “I heard this…or someone said…”. Use actual job activities and peoples names.

The following is an example of a general onboarding checklist you can use as a basis.

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