This all started long before the first DC-3 blog I posted back in 2008. Looking back, I remember George showing me pictures of the planes he flew Austin’s, Provincial Air Service, Gold Belt Airways and Georgian Bay Airways to name a few. I thought this blog would be fitting to show some of the planes he flew, most have notes on the edge explaining them – location, year etc. The location that I remember is of George flying out of Nakina (Twin lakes) area, Prince Rupert and South Porcupine. I’m sure that were others but I don’t have that information and all his children have passed on. There are recording on 8 Track that he made but the recording quality and age make it difficult to understand.

Some of Georges tapes recounting his Bush pilot experience have been converted to digital, an example can be found George Charity Tape 1 Recorded January 1978

Enjoy the sampling of pictures (There are many, too many to post) and if you have any to share post them in replies or email me at