IMG_3393I like to think of myself as a customer focused, creative and high energy professional that is always learning and enjoys working with people at the intersection of business and technology (My Resume). I help my customers cut through vender and industry hype. Key to my approach are my customers, they are my top priority, I firmly believe I (company I work for) must be customer focused and deliver value to earn trust and repeat business.  By focusing on my customers and peers, success has followed.

My approach is to offer my customers unique perspectives that address their objectives. My communications are tailored to the individual I’m engaged with as their responsibilities and measures can be very different depending on their role. By researching my customers business and understanding the various points of view, I assemble value drivers that speaks to their objectives. By doing so, I’m able to convey the benefits from a deep and wide perspective. In parallel, this approach enables me to provide a solution that is economic to the customers while achieving their goals. My end goal is a happy customer and a reference account.

I’m a published author and having written several articles and webinars for SharePoint Reviews, Windows IT Pro, SharePoint Pro, IT Unity, Pharmaceutical Frontiers, HP and Microsoft – covering topics such as Collaboration, Mobility, Document and Records Management, User Adoption, Cloud/O365, SharePoint, iPads, Governance and most recently Mobility, Data Security for Multi-Farm environments and several product reviews.

I’ve worked in countries such as Canada, USA, Germany, UK and Australia, this experience helps him understand different cultures, work styles and perspectives. I’m experienced in Health Care, Government, Energy, Education, Manufacturing, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Telco and Entertainment.

I’m a results oriented team player determined to get projects done quickly, efficiently, cut through politics and not waste resources, the most precious of which is time. I understand the importance of having the right team, people with skills, attitude and empowerment. I use a high degree of facilitation, communication and listening to help my client and team members to be successful. I’m always learning, an achiever focused on getting the desired outcomes with high standards for quality.

In my spare time I play lead guitar in local bands, write for magazines, practice yoga, enjoy hiking and running, photography, mountain biking, travelling and also enjoy my 70s muscle car and Harley Nightster.


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