Hi Ron,

Many good memories shared with your Grand Dad!

I got to know about your grandfather through my parents who worked at ‘Campbell Chibougamau Mines’ in Chibougamau, Quebec, (I was working underground in my late teens as a miner at the same mine – mid-1960’s). Not long after I got my private pilot’s license ( still working underground to pay for the privilege…..) I met your grandfather and remained friends from then on.

Sometime after Ron and Liliane moved to Senniterre, he and I happened to be up at Fort George ( Indian village on the mouth of the La Grande River on the East coast of the James Bay. * (has been moved up river to a place called ‘Chisasibi’ ). I was flying a Beaver on floats at time & carrying in a lot of American tourists to various fishing camps – Ron & I had a deal where he’d come down to the float-plane dock at the time of my last flight – he’d get on board with the tourists & me – we’d drop them off at their fish-camp then, we had the airplane to ourselves to fish with right up until dark! * ( of course we’d stop off at ‘choice’ fishing spots that few people knew of). I remember landing on a place called ‘The Seal River’ – we’d hop from rock to rock catching 3 lb speckled trout on a bare-hook! *(No fish story).

Anyway Ron, enjoy sharing a memory I will never forget of your Grandfather – ( a ‘special’ guy). – caio