SharePoint2013logoMicrosoft SharePoint has found its way to many IT environments just like yours, and for many organizations it has already become a critical service that supports important business operations. Regardless of how mature is your SharePoint deployment, properly documenting and auditing changes is critical to avoid the risks of being not compliant with government and industry regulations, compromising of sensitive information and impacting business continuity.

Join Ron Charity, Enterprise Architect, and Ilia Sotnikov, Director of Product Management at Netwrix to learn from industry experts:

  • See real life examples from actual SharePoint deployments that help better understand where processes and policies can fall short when not supported with the real change audit data from your SharePoint environment.
  • Learn what critical aspects of a SharePoint environment you should watch closely to mitigate compliance and security risks.
  • Find out how third party tools such as Netwrix Auditor are helping organizations to meet regulatory compliance requirements, protect sensitive information and minimize risk to business operations.

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